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Yusef Haddad is a Dream Catcher, he has dedicated the last 11 years of his life, help holistic leaders and entrepreneurs that are struggling with financial debt, chronic insomnia, anxiety, and addiction to sleeping drugs, Build a holistic business that helps them take back the control of their lives and reach the true wealth and the true health they deserve, with the power of doTERRA Essential Oils.

His main goal is to empower Tribes through physical, emotional, and financial freedom.

He integrates and connects the elements needed to have a healthy body, a clear and powerful mind, and a strong business based on sourcing the best and empower the most.

After all of his business went bankrupt, he started to question everything about the source of money and wealth, and also what was his mission in this life, so he decided to fully immerse in one of the industries that are really making a difference in the broken financial, health and education systems.

He healed from chronic insomnia and anxiety, addiction to sleeping pills, a belly hernia, depression, and financial stability with the power of pure essential oils.

He loves the beach and live in nature, he loves his MEXICA Roots and he promotes ancient wisdom and he empowers local and indigenous communities.