Today's Lessons

September 20th

Sound Therapy with the Trees 
with Crystal Cavalier & Nick Schizzano

For those that only have 10 minutes, this is the one for you. Again, we are in Nature! Along with the Frequencies of the Singing Bowls, Native Flute, Guitar, and Voice, you will experience Sounds of Rustling of the Leaves. Relax, Breath, and Let it All Go with Ease.

In this video we will be explaining the first phase of the alchemical process and how it relates to Aries.

The Lawful War with Rebecca Rodrigues

In this video We cover how the Emergency Act of 1933 began a Lawful war against the people.

In this lesson I explain the massive savings of money essential oils bringed to my life

September 19th

Life force waves meditation - Let's dive deeper into our meditation by raising the breath as a wave up to the crown. Nourishing the chakras along the spine. Once we enter into the nothingness we will expand the light in the heart chakra. Embodying loving compassion and light. Namaste

Introduction to Euphoralite 
with Christopher Gutierrez

Euphoalite is mined by Gary Rowley in South Dakota 🇺🇸 and is changing the consciousness of those around it. It's healing properties support proper ascension and are helping resolve unconscious blockages.

The Civilized Indigent Servant 
with Rebecca Rodrigues

In this video, I conclude how the real people lawfully give up their natural rights in exchange for limited benefits while perpetuating a binded estate to be assumed as an incompetent indigent.

Third Times a Charm as We continue to explore our Voice and Feel how Different Sounds Affect our Body. Throughout our Days We are in a Constant Flux of various Sounds, so it is Important to Make Time to Create Peaceful Sounds Within. Today, we will Bring to Our LIves by Chanting to the Sun.

September 18th

In this yoga session we will be focusing mainly on hip openers. Through Mindful breathing we will allow the body to release old tensions and emotions, which are stored especially in the hip area. Come flow with me to open up the body and the mind 🙏🏼

Living Food with Micah Skye

Intro to our living food culinary education program we’ll be expanding weekly on as we continue to integrate the Trinity of Health & Wellness into our lifestyle which is how we incorporate new routines and disciplines that ultimately produce more results-rewards. The intimate being our Great Awakening which is an inside job.

International commercial pilot speaks out about the FLAT Stationary Earth

Dheemthananaa (sound of the river) 
with Mallika Annapurna

Song to the water element and our Divine Mother, Mother Nature

September 17th

Sound Therapy with the Trees
with Crystal Cavalier

This week we are in Nature! 

Along with the Frequencies of the Singing Bowls, Native Flute, Drum, Guitar, and Voice, you will experience Sounds of Birds and the Rustling of the Leaves.

Relax, Breath, and Let it All Go with Ease.

In this lesson I touch on the basics of the sine wave and how it correlates to cycles of the day and year, followed by the 4 elements of astrology and their 3 modalities. I also touch up on how Astrology is based on a Geocentric system.

We will be learning about the law of rhythm and how it applies to the sine wave and the 4 seasons on an individual level as well as an outer experience.

September 16th

Vitality Flow with Dena Mohajeri

A slow but nevertheless a very strong yoga flow to increase your vitality. In this yoga session you will feel the intensity of holding some basic asana's when performed with the correct alignment. Once the alignment is there, we will hold the poses a bit longer to intensify the practice.

Value Through Story with Mallika Annapurna

We will first understand Gunas and Prakriti through a poetic Tamil song. Then, we shall assign Gunas to the characters we became familiar with in Class 1

Let Food be thy Medicine
with Nick Schizanno

Today I will share what Foods Contain each Mineral Cell Salt according to All 12 Signs. In addition I will go over in more detail, the Organs and Body Parts Syncretised to each Sign.

In this lesson I explain the basic biology behind using pharma medicine and essential oils

September 15th

The Apana or Kundalini 
with Micah Skye

Aloha and Sat Nam! Today we explore the Apana (eliminating current) or Kundalini. The electro-magnetic, physiological, and anatomical dynamics of the sacred anointing process

All is Atum - Powerpoint Presentation 
with Santos Bonacci

This presentation will be based on 'All is Atum' showing how the universe is frantically self similar from micro cosm to macro cosm

A Lecture on Astro Physiology 
with Christopher Campbell

9:00 AM - CST

We will be learning about the 12 powers of the soul as well as an overview of the allegory of Santa Claus and how it relates to us astrophysisologically.

September 14th

Yin Inspired Relaxing Flow 
with Dena Nomad

In this yoga session we will be focusing on cooling the body down instead of warming it up by flowing fastly to different asanas. This yin inspired class will allow your body to surrender, holding the poses for longer periods of time.

Medical Astrology & Personal Chart Example with Nick Schizzano

In this class I go over how different Asteroids and Fixed Stars show the potential for becoming an Astroger. I read my own chart so you can get to know me better. I also share how the placements in my chart have effected my physical body.

Chanting to Ganesha Remover of Obstacles with Crystal Cavalier

In this Voice Activation we will continue to open our Throat Chakra. In order to do this it is pertinent to work with this energy regularly. As the old adage goes "use it or loose it".

September 13th 

All is Atum - Powerpoint Presentation 
with Santos Bonacci

This presentation will be based on 'All is Atum' showing how the universe is frantically self similar from micro cosm to macro cosm

Decoding The Platonic Solids, Boaz & Jachin & The Kabbalah with Mehmet Deveji

In this lesson, I decode the platonic solids by syncetising them to the Elements in Astrology and connecting it to Boaz & Jachin, the pillars of Masonry, The Kabbalah and the periodic table.

Essential Oils First Steps of the Journey with Yusef Haddad

The world of HEALTH and WELLNESS has changed and millions of men and women were not prepared to survive the consequences of this brutal change that the PANDEMIC has brought us.

September 12th

Magnifying the Illusion 
with Rebecca Rodrigues

In this session we dive into a brief history of how the the foundation was paved to trick the living being to abandon property and maintain a dying estate.

The Nervous System with Ian Herbert

A basic look at the nervous system and subconscious mind in charge of bodily functions

Voice Activation with Crystal Cavalier

Empowering the Voice is Incredibly Important on our Journey of Truth. In this Activation we will Chant Together and I will lead you in some Playful Vocal Exercises. 

Come and Spark your Sound from Within.

Mysteries of Transmutation, from Gross to Subtle with Christopher Campbell

We will be going into the esoteric meaning of  the 4 elements and how to awaken the consciousness that is asleep in the Tomb of Matter.

Weekly Update with Mehmet Deveji

September 11th

Value Through Story 
with Mallika Annapurna

Value through Story - Lesson 2 This class dives deeper into understanding Gunas, Prakriti and Purusha. Suitable to watch with children.


In this Day 3 of our TOH Event we discuss the Trinity of Health & Wellness and explore deeper the meaning of conscious lifestyle practices.

September 10th

Why we use the Black Law Dictionary 6th Edition. with Rebecca Rodrigues

Blacks Law  : What is the Blacks Law Dictionary, Why we you want to use the 6th Edition and the importance of the language we use.

Introduction to sub terrestrial climate battery with Christopher Gutierrez 

A brief introduction to sub terrestrial greenhouse climate battery operation in Zone 6b gardening.

Quick update from our sister Dena!

September 9th

Increase strength and flexibility with the Surya Namaskar A with Dena Mohajeri

In this yoga session we will be doing the classical Surya Namaskar (a). Translated to english meaning 'sun salutation'. The sequence is fixed and it allows you to flow gracefully from asana to asana. The poses here are synchronized with the breath, which allows you to keep your inner focus and also to get you deeper into the poses.

The 7 Principles of Nature with Christopher Campbell

We will be learning about the 7 different archetypes of the 7 planets and the gifts and the  qualities they produce. We will overview the philosophy of astrology and how we can recognize it in our everyday lives and use it to purify ourselves.

Trinity of Health 
The Principles of NMRT 
with Micah Skye

This is the second day of our TOH Live Event where we will be exploring the principles, methodology, and techniques of AMR and NMRT.

Sound Therapy with Crystal Cavalier 

You will experience Healing Frequencies with Singing Bowls, Native Flute, Drum, Guitar, and Voice.

September 8th

Astrology - Understanding The Basics of Energy with Mehmet Deveji

In lesson one I concentrate on showing the basics of how energy works by talking about the Yin-Yang, Di-Electricity & Magnetism, Electricity, Red Shift & Blueshift and how the energy works within our Earth and the human body.

Santos Bonacci Introduction Lesson


Cosmic Sugar - Livestream 
with Logan Jayson

What I will be contributing for now, which will be expanded is a show called COSMIC SUGAR. This will be a one or two hour segment on topics revolving around Becoming a better version of yourself.

September 7th

Abdominal Breathwork with Dena Mohajeri

The abdominal breathwork stimulates a more calm and fuller breathing pattern. This allows you to relax more as you whereby tap into the physical sensations. Feeling more centered and at ease.

Introduction to Trophology with Christopher Gutierrez</