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Boycott GoFundMe!

Freedom of Speech Suppression Tactics

As many of you know, for months we had a successful campaign with GoFundMe. We followed all the proper steps and guidelines to launch our campaign. We have recently reached the fundraiser’s halfway point in raising the total funds. A week ago, with no warning and in the middle of our campaign, GoFundMe shut us down.

We were told that we had broken their “conduct policy” and their reasoning behind taking us down was due to our right of freedom of speech. When we chose to speak against covid-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations and our God given right to decline getting vaccinated by an experimental drug, GoFundMe decided that we were promoting “hate speech”.

We are already very familiar with this type of censorship and tactics by other platforms and we will do everything in our power to continue fighting for the truth. We will not allow the takedown of this fundraiser to stop the momentum that we have built up. So we have decided to launch our own campaign and take donations via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. As well as, cryptocurrencies.

We thank you dearly for the continued support of the Syncretism Society and the grand rise of the Syncretism Academy, the home of truth and healing of the body and mind. 

Infinite thanks to each and everyone of you who has been supporting this movement. We are truly grateful and immensely appreciate your backing.

If possible when making your donation please send it via "Friends and Family" not "Goods and Services".

Much love and many blessings to you all!!.

The Grand Rise of the Syncretism Society


For years countless people have followed Santos Bonacci aka Mr.Astrotheology’s Youtube channel and at Santos has devoted his life and made it his mission to reawaken within all humanity the truth of Syncretism.

When asked “Santos, what is Syncretism?” He responded by stating….

“Syncretism is the science of integrating and understanding all fields of human knowledge, whether it be theological, philosophical, alchemical, astrological or spiritual sciences.  All fields of human knowledge can be syncretized and unified rather than divided, dividing and separating is the modus operandi of the control system in operation today and how schools and universities operate. You syncretize things in your mind, just as you synchronize things in time, the mind is capable of understanding all fields of human knowledge. The secret to this, is very simple, it always has been there in religious symbols, it always has been there and reminding us the simple secrets of nature and understanding that ALL things in the universe operate electromagnetically. Symbols like the cross, or the yin and yang, or the swastika, are just symbols which are based in electromagnetics. Within Syncretism we learn this as the fundamental basis for understanding all theologies and all fields of science, ‘all is atum’ (atomic) and all is electromagnetic.”  

Throughout the years Santos has presented these teachings and wisdom via countless seminars, webinars, lectures, workshops and mass events in various countries around the world.

After ten years of forethought Santos has aligned to manifest the Syncretism Academy in magical Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Within the past year he has been in collaboration with many syncretists from all over the world who showed up to unite their energies and establish this unique and historical Academy.

The Syncretism Academy is made up of two divisions, the first being the Elysium branch and the other the Corporis branch. The two divisions have two very different agendas but both lead to one central goal. The Elysium Branch is the mystical, philosophical and spiritual science teachings led by Santos. While the Corporis consists of healing, optimising, and transforming to align the body and mind led by Daniel. Both branches go hand in hand, one cannot be without the other.


Santos and Daniel have been working together on a daily basis setting the founding stones of the society, they are the root of this academy and have put their names, reputation and energy as assurance for the people. Together they have committed a great deal of their time and contributed immense finances to ensure a solid foundation for the Syncretism Academy’s rise to come to fruition on June 21st of this year.

As of now there have been multiple Investments into development of this Society and Academy, everything from highly advanced healing devices (d'Arsonval and Tesla coil’s) to construction of the Syncretism retreat, media studio,  permaculture farming, mass events, etc.The majority of our funds have been allocated and we are looking for additional assistance to put in to place the final pieces of the puzzle. We request our Syncretism community and all who feel a calling to assist with additional funding and be part of this grand awakening.

Our goal is to raise $50,000. The funds raised will allow The Syncretism Academy to complete its real estate endeavors, the purchase of additional machinery & equipment, healing instruments, studio/podcast equipment,  payroll as well as the society's permaculture garden and finishing the build of the society's private retreat. This funding will empower a smooth completion and momentus opening for the academy.

Your donation will offer great support for the grand rise and what it will bestow to humanity. Substantial donation we will offer special benefits within the society and your name written down within the Syncretism Society's founding chronicles.

We are grateful for all those who resonate and assist with the rise to the Syncretism Academy. We are so thankful for your support in reawakening the ancient neoplatonic knowledge, with it we shall divinize humanity again and allow for its sacred knowledge to be unveiled and accessed by all.

Thank you!

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