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Start your new journey at our
Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy Membership

Both Monthly and Yearly memberships allow the exact same access to the Syncretism Virtual Platform

You will have access to:

Online Program

- The online program for the Virtual Academy is updated daily with lessons from our top-qualified instructors.

- We now have over 20 instructors with a staggering range of knowledge. 

- All of our instructors have been personally vetted by Santos to make sure to bring you the best and most direct knowledge filled content form across this plane. 

- Each day you will find a schedule of the classes within, “Today’s Lessons”.

- In addition, every instructor has their own individual channel within the Virtual Academy to view any of their lessons at any time!


- Each day you will receive new and exclusive content to exercise your mind and your body.

- The complete transformation/ ascension process. 

Live Streams

- We have created our own private, censor-free platform to stream and connect LIVE with your fellow alum. 

- Since this is exclusive content the live streams are much more intimate and you really feel like you are one on one, especially since you will be able to call in and talk/ ask your most desired questions. 

- The space is free to discuss the real truths of this plane that other platforms no longer allow. 

- You will receive notification prior to each live stream to set a reminder.

Online Events

- Our instructors will provide you with individual services and opportunities to connect with them one on one. 

- There will be special events, workshops and/ or retreats offered in addition to the instructor’s daily lessons.

Video Archives

The video archives can be seen as an online library of the immense content we have for you. It consists of all videos from Santos Bonacci as well as each daily lesson being released by our brilliant instructors.

Forums, Groups and Community Pages

- A vital part to the Virtual Academy is the online/ virtual community we are building and growing stronger each day. 

- Within the forums you have a way to connect and share with your fellow alum on the path of transformation/ ascension.

- You have the option to join in on any forums/ groups and create your own as well. Whichever topic you want to go deeper in and talk more about just start the discussion!

"Self-discovery is a process of self-transformation: progressively taming and refining the disorderly elements of the soul, and “solarizing” one’s inner nature by identifying with the author of one’s being and its radiant ideals of Justice, Beauty, and the Good."       

- Santos Bonacci 

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  • Virtual Regular

    Every month
    Perfect for followers of Syncretism
  • Best Value

    Virtual Yearly

    Every year
    Special one time payment offer for dedicated Syncretists
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