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More About the Syncretism Academy

The Syncretism Academy is made up of two divisions, the first being the Elysium branch and the other the Corporis branch. The two divisions have two very different agendas but both lead to one central goal. The Elysium Branch is the mystical, philosophical and spiritual science teachings led by Santos. While the Corporis consists of healing, optimizing, and transforming to align the body and mind led by Daniel. Both branches go hand in hand, one cannot be without the other.

The Elysium is the education-focused branch of the academy. Led by the esteemed Santos Bonacci, this is where students will gain powerful insights and an intimate understanding of the teachings of Syncretism. As students integrate the esoteric sciences and philosophical knowledge offered in this branch, they have the potential to make profound advancements on their spiritual path.

The Corporis branch focuses on the physical application of Syncretism. We believe that corporeal health is foundational on the path of ascension, and Daniel guides students to realize their most vibrant state of wellbeing. Whether in need of transformative recovery or simply looking to make a healthy upgrade - this branch offers a wide spectrum of modalities designed to facilitate balance and vitality on every level.

Syncretism Society FAQs

Do I need any experience to join?

No, you don't! All are welcome at the Syncretism Society - both virtually and at our physical premises. We simply recommend that you familiarize yourself with the principle tenants of Syncretism, breathwork and meditation before physically attending our premises or our workshops.

How do I get there?

Travel during the coronavirus pandemic is difficult and varies country to country. If you can make your way out to Puerto Morelos, Mexico, then we can't wait to see you. Otherwise, please explore our virtual academy where we provide digital seminars and workshops.

Can I come alone or bring children?

Yes, you absolutely can come alone, and many do! Please remember that if you are bringing children with you, they are your responsibility at all times and they are expected to behave. We offer a child minding / babysitting service if required, but please reach out to us beforehand!

I have a medical condition, can you cure me from it?

We don't claim to be able to cure anyone of any serious ailment, we are not a medical facility nor are our staff registered medical professionals. What we do offer are incredible products that rejuvenate the body, such as the Lifewave patches, with the X39™ series patented phototherapy stem cell activation patch, and we teach a series of mindful and spiritually detoxing practices and techniques, expressed through our events, seminars and workshops. 

Have another question for us? Reach out to our team below.

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