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Restoring our Unconditioned &

Unlimited Power

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The Path To Syncretism

What is it to be a Syncretist

“Syncretism is the science of integrating and understanding all fields of human knowledge, whether it be theological, philosophical, alchemical, astrological or spiritual. All fields of human knowledge can be syncretized and unified rather than divided, dividing and separating is the modus operandi of the control system in operation today and how schools and universities run. You syncretize things in your mind, just as you synchronize things in time. The secret to this is very simple, it has always been there in religious symbols, it has always been there reminding us the simple secrets of nature and understanding that ALL things in the universe operate electromagnetically. Within Syncretism we learn this as the fundamental basis for understanding all theologies and all fields of science, ‘All is Atum’ meaning atomic and all is electromagnetic.”

- Santos Bonacci

11 Tenets of Syncretism

Enjoy Your Process of Discovery

The pathway to awaken and remember the truth that exists within you. Within the Syncretism Society you will experience living a holistic and syncretic lifestyle, the path of a true philosopher. Syncretism is the only all-encompassing and all-inclusive system that exists, which allows you to integrate all fields of human knowledge.

Tenet 1- Stationary Earth

Allow a deeper understanding of our place in the cosmos. Learn to recognize the true nature of the stationary plane.


The Three Pillars of Philosophy

“Love of Wisdom has always been the highest virtue of Man. The origins of the word Philosophy comes from two Greek words, Love & Wisdom.” - Santos Bonacci

The 3 Pillars of Philosophy will reshape the alumni understanding of who they truly are as humans and the meaning of our life and existence.

Theory of Reality : Metaphysics & Ontology

Metaphysics is the philosophy of the nature of our being, existence, and reality, which connects our alumni with the fundamental nature of their physical existence. From Metaphysics the alumni will gain an understanding of Ontology and discover the nature of being.

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